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Validate PAN and know the Name of PAN Holder

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Is there a way to validate your PAN? Is there any way to know what is the name corresponding to PAN? What should I do to register at e-Filing website, as I do not know the corresponding surname, first name, etc?

Yes. With all the queries from long, Relyon has made efforts to make validation of PAN. With all the available resources, Relyon comes with an utility to know about the PAN.

Below is the utility to validate a PAN and also to know what is the Name of PAN holder!! Its FREE!!

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Validate the PAN and Know the Name
Further to Instructions received from Directorate of Income Tax, we have disabled the PAN Validation service in our website at this point of time.
However PAN verification with PAN Holders name is available in all our products. Click to download SaralTDS, Saral Income Tax, Saral TaxOffice.

Note that:

  1. This utility has been done with an intension to help PAN holder to smoothly create login at e-Filing website and For deductors of TDS to verify the PAN of employee/party before filing their TDS returns.
  2. PAN is the sole proprietary of Central Board of Direct Taxes, Department of Revenue, Finance Ministry, Government of India.
  3. If the response for your PAN shows as INVALID / NOT ALLOTTED, please check with the PAN printed on Original PAN card.
  4. If you have got any mistakes found in NAME displayed [spelling, etc], you are requested to contact NSDL [or TIN FCs] for change of information in PAN.

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