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Saral TaxOffice 2008 Patch 7.0

New Patch 7.0 for Saral TaxOffice 2008 has been released on 19th June 2008. Release notes are given here for your reference.

Release Note for Saral Tax Office

Income Tax

  1. New Feature is provided in "Advance Tax" screen for estimating advance tax to be paid.
  2. New feature is designed to transfer the brought forward losses from previous assessment year to current assesment year in "Transfer Master Screen"
  3. In computation reports, STI with annexure are provided in new format.
  4. New feature is given to generate the Capital Account and Statement of affairs of an individual / HUF
  5. New facility is provided to take a backup of original file during revised option.
  6. Improvement has done in error finding utility of XML, on clicking the Recheck button the user can check for further "mandatory" fields , after editing the existing ones
  7. New feature is provided in "XML validation" utility to validate any of the e-return file with schema and the descriptive error details with reference to schema.
  8. New feature is provided for Locking the assessee in tools menu so that the user can lock the assessee once the return is filed and option is provided to unlock.
  9. New facility has been provided to popup a message, when more than one instances of Saral IncomeTax exe is running.
  10. In the ITR side , buttons are provided for easy navigation, so that the user can move to first screen , next screen , previous screen and last screen
  11. In Error report form, facility is provided to generate XML without going to main menu after correction of values.
  12. "Select assessee" dialog box is removed, which use to appear, while launching the application.
  13. Link has been given in Status Bar for opening the ITR forms report and Computation reports
  14. "In ""e-Return"" dialog ""Goto"" Button has been renamed as ""Edit"" button.
  15. Message is displayed in the status bar if the details of locked assesee are viewed
  16. "Unable to generate consecutive xmls on Win98" has been fixed
  17. "Cannnot load Assesee detail form and Address detail while click on Goto/Edit button" has been fixed.
  18. "Some of the details in Mandatory fields form are wrong such as ITR4 – Email(Showing as PIN)" has been fixed.

Balance Sheet

  1. New facility is provided to display of "3CD ratio" including direct income in Profit & Loss screen.
  2. Loading of stock detail screen on double clicking the closing & opening stock ledger in P&L screen & closing stock in Balance Sheet screen has been done.
  3. New setting option for scheduled numbers in "Schedule numbering" screen is provided.
  4. Closing stock calculation based on Gross Profit Ratio including direct income is provided.
  5. In ledger master screen, option is provided to link ITR directly.
  6. Excel template for importing of ledgers, with drop down list of accounting groups is included in "Tools" menu.
  7. New feature is provided for auto loading of default ITR groups in ledger master.
  8. Feature for loading of partners detail screen, when user selects the capital & current a/c details in option setting for Partnership Firms is provided.
  9. Feature for loading of ledger master screen, when user selects the capital & current a/c details in option setting for Individual is provided.
  10. During importing ledger details, new facility is provide for selection of the parent group name, same as group name if the group name is available under head of account.
  11. New feature is provided to calculate "Total" amount in capital & current account.
  12. New Facility is provided in Tally porting screen to port capital & current account details, directly to partners detail, capital & current account screen.
  13. In "Partner Details" screen share of loss is considered same as share of profit
  14. By default amounts with two decimal places are ported from Tally to Saral TaxOffice.
  15. New message appears, while closing Tally porting Screen after porting ledgers
  16. Feature is provided to restrict the duplicate partner names in "Partner Details" screen.

Service Tax

  1. Six new services are added in Service Master  (according to the latest changes)
  2. Five new services are added in abatement notification.
  3. Due date for Input service distributor is newly added in "Rate of tax" dialog box, for FY 2008-09.
  4. "Internet Telephony Service" is renamed as "Internet telecommunication service"
  5. Address problem in Assessee master is fixed.
  6. In challan details, deleting problem is fixed.
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