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Saral TaxOffice 2008 Patch 6.0

New Patch 6.0 for Saral TaxOffice 2008 has been released on 31st May 2008. Release notes are given here for your reference.

Release Note for Saral Tax Office

Saral Office

  1. Duplication name is allowed in the Saral Office
  2. In all the Client Combo/List."Client ID", "Client Name", "Client File Number" has been displayed.
  3. Option is provided to allow duplicate PAN with warning.
  4. Offline Html file for flash news has been provided.
  5. Delete Client Details with warning message has been provided
  6. Module Wise security has been provided
  7. Template menu is provided for the Excel Template for client import feature.
  8. Option is provided to load member master by double clicking on grid view
  9. Page up and page down option has been provided for client ID field
  10. Cancel search has been renamed as “List All”
  11. In member master , Membership no will take zeros also
  12. Articleship number has been changed as Registration no and it will allow characters
  13. Export to HTML , Excel and PDF has been given in filter and search screen
  14. Bug has been fixed for same ID creation, while saving clients on network which results in overwrite of data
  15. After clicking save button, new entry mode is provided in member master
  16. Focus in the main client list was not retaining properly. It will get lost after save button, this has been fixed.
  17. Search option is provided, based on "client id", "client name", "File number" and "Remarks" in document management.
  18. "Cancel search" has been renamed as “List All”
  19. In document management, create document and attachment document has been rearranged in a better way.
  20. Bugs has been fixed for card view of grids

Income Tax

  1. Duplication name is allowed in the Assessee Details
  2. In all the Assessee List "Assessee ID", "Assessee Name", "Assessee File Number" has been displayed.
  3. Facility to calculate salary to partner in case of Partnership firms and assign the same to respective partner files has been provided
  4. In VI A deductions, 80 C user can add his own descriptions
  5. In other sources " more recurring income" , add to list is enabled
  6. All computation reports are saved in application path , Excel Reports folder and subfolders of respective reports
  7. In computation reports screen "Open Folder" button is provided to locate the folder where respective report selected is saved with the format <Assessee name > - <(file number)>-<(Asst.year)>
  8. Naming of form-16 has been changed, <Assessee name > - <(file number)>-<(Asst.year)>-Form 16

Balance Sheet

  1. In profit posting screen, Auto creation of accounting group & ITR group names has been provided.
  2. Auto updation feature is provided to update the schedule number of "Fixed assest" to "Profit & Loss account".
  3. Auto loading of previous year tax details to profit posting screen has been done.                       
  4. In fixed assets screen restriction of date for 1st & 2nd  half additions & deletions from april to sept & october to march has been done respectively
  5. Locking financial year option is provided in option setting screen
  6. "Audit Reoprt" button is enabled in balance sheet screen.
  7. Option is provided to round off share of profit amount in profit posting screen
  8. Icons has been provided to LG,BS & PL in ledger master for bird view.
  9. Clear all option is provided in schedule numbering screen
  10. New fields "Total gross interest" & "Total TDS amounts" are added to unsecured loan screen.
  11. Total amount field is added in stock details screen
  12. Checkboxes are provided for all details in template editor
  13. Option is provided for enabling of checkbox "Capital & current account" details in option setting after partners details are entered in partner's details screen
  14. Auto display & updating of Share of profit amount in profit posting & capital & current year deatil screen has been provided.
  15. In balance sheet software, "Capital" screen caption is changed to "Share Capital Funds".
  16. Caption is changed for "Balance sheet" screen, "Profit & loss acount" screen, "Incometax" porting preview screen as per ITR requirement.
  17. Caption of checkbox has been changed as "Yes" in salary computation screen
  18. In option setting  screen, caption is changed from "Display previous year amount" to "Allow Previous Year Amount"
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