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Saral TaxOffice 2008 Patch 11.0

New Patch 11.0 for Saral TaxOffice 2008 has been released on 12th August 2008. Release notes are given here for your reference.

Release Note for Saral Tax Office

Income Tax

  1. New Utility is designed to make e-Payment automatically. Provided as "e-Payment Wizard".
  2. All IT Blank forms are provided in reference menu.

Audit Reports

  1. "Qualification" field is added in "Form 3CA" screen.
  2. In "Form 3CD" screen, "Remarks" field is added in inner screen 17-22.
  3. In "Form 3CD" screen, "Description" field is added for point 32.
  4. "Client name", "Firm name", "Address name" is displayed in Form 3CB report.
  5. "File Number", "Assessee name" and "Assessment Year" are made to display on tool bar.
  6. New menu "Certificates" is added.  In that 3 certificates "Certificate u/s 269", "certificate u/r 6DD" and "Stock certificate" are provided.

Balance Sheet

  1. New feature is provided to port the block wise fixed asset depreciation details to income tax software.
  2. In the balance sheet report screens, If the user enable "File No", "Assessment year", "Auditor Directors", etc check boxes, then these details automatically saved, and carried for next reports generation also.
  3. Closing stock details has been rearranged from P/L account group to balance sheet group in scheduled numbering screen
  4. When importing ledgers from excel template the message seen as  "Specify ITR groups" even if the option "Link to ITR" is not selected. This has been fixed.
  5. When income & expenditure are same then closing stock detail amount difference was seen in balance sheet, this bug has been fixed.
  6. Porting of closing stock details from tally when opening stock is zero  has been done.
  7. "Setting of remuneration amount as calculated slab amount of book profit or 50,000 which ever is higher has been done."
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