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Saral IncomeTax 4.01 version

Version 4.01 of Saral IncomeTax software has been released on 24th March 2009. The release notes are provided here for the reference.

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Release Note for Saral IncomeTax

  1. File menu shifted from submenu in tools to Main Menu bar
  2. In salary (monthly, yearly) -> others new rows inserted to provide entry for exempted income and taxable income
  3. Form 16 tab and report options removed, since all values needed for Form16 is not available in IT
  4. In VIA Deductions 80C a new grid for detailed entry of LIC Premiums is given

Bug Fixes

  1. In ITR-2, Under Salary Head, In allowances Column if we enter HRA details (Assessee In METRO City), than Exempted HRA Details are calculated Correct and also in below total allowances Showing correct amount. But Summary Screen and also in ITR Form under the allowances column Wrong amount are displaying. i..e..HRA calculation without metro city Calculation details is displaying.
  2. In Saral Income Tax >> ITR-3 >> ITR -Form for Assessment Year 2008-09, Acknowledgement Form Shown as Assessment Year 2008-09. But in Second Page..i..e...In ITR Forms Top Assessment Year Shown as 2007-08. Please Rectify the Same as Assessment Year 2008-09 ASAP
  3. Unhandled Exceptions found while generating the Form16 in STO - Income Tax module
    On checking the same in SIT, no error found. The error observed only in STO - Income Tax module for all the data files.
  4. In ITR-4 same thing is ported correctly. Only in ITR 2 and 3 Exempted LTCG details Shouldn't Port to Schedule CG [Schedule CG: Capital gains(4), Information about accrual/receipts of capital gains Column] . It should be Port Only to Schedule EI- Exempt details Column. Now it is ported to Both the Schedules.
  5. 1. In Computation ->VI A deductions ->In 80C Deductions: LIC Details are entered Payment Date is 01/04/2008, sum assured entered 1000 and enabled 20% of sum assured and generated preview.
    1. In Preview of excel sheet shows Payment Date is interchanging from 01/04/2008 to 04/01/2008
    2. Particulars caption spelling to be rectified instead of Particulars
    3. 20% sum assured checkbox enabled but in preview shows No
    4. When try to delete LIC Details message appears select any record
    5. when LIC details are entered and saved in below others Field shows empty row but when click on preview the row doesn’t highlights in 80 C Deductions screen -> others to enter.
    6. If 20% sum assured checkbox not enabled but in preview shows YES
    7. In Others screen: when details entered and closed and reopen then Date Field shows 01/04/2008, but in preview doesn’t show
  6. While generating ITR preview the pages are skipping few blank pages are getting printed along with ITR preview for ITR6
  7. In Part A P&L the Net profit (that is item no 43 or 52d whichever is applicable) amount should port automatically to schedule BP.
  8. In Income Tax Module, ITR-6 reports are not generated properly. Means Single Page details are displaying in two pages. Therefore user Not able to take the Print of ITR -reports. Most of The Problem are reflecting in ITR-6 Only.
  9. In ITR Form preview, the Income from STCG U/s 111A is getting deducted from Chapter VIA investment where as it should not be deducted as per Income Tax Act. Only other STCG other than U/s 111A are allowed to be deducted from Chapter VIA deductions.
  10. In ITR3 Form for AY 2008-09 the first sheet (Acknowledgement) is displaying Assessment Year as 2008-09, whereas the second sheet is displaying Assessment Year as 2007-08 on top right. Assessment Year is correct in the fourth sheet under VERIFICATION. Backup of a test file created by us is attached herewith for your convenience to check this.
  11. In income tax module [ITR 2,3,4] >> Form 16 part are showing wrong tax amount in certain cases. In computation if we enter both Normal tax rate and special tax rate income details, in computation and form 16 both are showing different tax amounts.
    Please go through the attached data file. As per the data file Assessee having the two Sources of Income. Income from Salary and income from Short term capital gains        Salary are covered under Normal Slab rate, capital gains are Covered under special tax rate. In computation Part same is calculated correct but in form 16 Short term capital gains are not  adjust with  basic exemption limit. Therefore tax is calculated on whole Short term capital gains.
  12. In ITR-4, If we enter Business and Profession details with speculation Business loss, while during the e-return same shown as error message -"Speculation Business is invalid according to the Schema”. In our Software, In Schedule STTR, [Point No 1,ii column, negative figures are taken]. Therefore it is showing error message. But as Per the income tax Department excel format, and Schema In Schedule STTR, Same Column is not allowing the negative figure.
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