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PAN Verification/Validation service - Withdrawn

Date: June 11, 2010

Further to indication received from TIN Operations division of NSDL (through the direction from Directorate of Income Tax), the service of PAN validation in Relyon softwares have been withdrawn.

The withdrawal of the services is with effect from June 11, 2010, 02:30 PM IST. This will be applicable for all Relyon softwares including Saral TDS, Saral IncomeTax, Saral TaxOffice and Saral PayPack.

The users of these softwares will see a "Service Withdrawn" message on click of PAN verification button. In case of some software, the indication will be given as 'PAN is Valid', along with "Service Withdrawn" message. Relyon requests all the users to ignore the validation message, as it has been hardcoded in the software. This will be later updated, when you update your software to subsequent versions (forthcoming release).

In the indication provided by TIN-NSDL, it is stated that the service even though refers the publicly available domain information (ITNS-280 challan payment), it forms to be unauthorised access to the property. There by, it has directed the softwares covering such PAN verification feature to immediately stop the service. In case of violation of such indication, the softwares would be blacklisted, as well as further notices may be issued against such software manufacturer.

It is also expected that, TIN-NSDL would stop displaying the name of the PAN holder in ITNS-280 challan payment process!!

Recently, high concerns were raised towards misuse of this feature by some localized Banks and Share trading units. NSDL offers a paid service on PAN verification, where users can take the service. This channel may also protect the confidentiality of PAN holder, as well as other secured login areas (ITR XML filing, etc). Relyon had put its effort to discontinue the license of the users, who misuse the future for Non-TDS purposes.

On the other hand, deductor concern remains on validation of PAN of his employees / deductees where the mistakes are bound to happen. As of now, there is no simple area for this purpose, other than NSDL's PAN Verification (Paid) service.

Relyon requests all its users to bear with the service-discontinuation. We appreciate the ongoing cooperation and feedback of our customers.

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