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Direct taxes Code [Bill] - 2009 Published on 12th August 2009


Ministry of Finance unveils the Bill on Direct Tax Code. The Bill 2009 has been made public by publishing it on Finance Ministry Website ( on 12th August 2009, 5 PM IST.

The bill published is a DRAFT and the opinions from the public will make to finalize the bill and present to the parliament.

Ministry publishes a detailed Bill and a separate Discussion paper. The Bill consists of 256 pages document covering the complete Direct Tax Code, expected come as a Act from 2010-11. The along with provided Discussion paper gives a summarized view and several introductory points on Direct Tax Code.

Along with these 2, Ministry also provides 2 more interfaces, where anybody can post the query to Finance Ministry. Also the second interface allows the user to provide the feedback and rate the DTC by several criteria. People can also write to the ministry on direct tax code to

In a foreword to discussion paper, Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee says of finalizing the Bill with the collective opinion of public and presents it to Parliament by Winter - 2009 session. (Winter 2009  session is scheduled by a couple of months).

You can check out for:

  1. Complete Direct Taxes Code - Bill 2009 [PDF]
  2. Discussion paper on DTC [PDF]
  3. Submit your query directly to Finance Ministry.
  4. Give your Feedback on DTC to Finance Ministry.

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